Healthcare Services

Security, Data and Process

Your health professionals shouldn’t need to be experts on how to navigate the health information system or how to aggregate data for use in a report – they should be experts first on treating patients, conducting research and publishing their findings.

Whether you’re looking to reduce the number of data applications medical staff must access, developing workflow or consolidating repositories of information so your analysts know where to find what they need to do their jobs, Mercury can help.

Do you have lots of data in your organization seeking an effective way to be expressed?  The capability to create interactive, graphical and tabular reports from healthcare data provides management with crucial information on all aspects of the organization.  Mercury can help you provide timely and robust management reports.

More interested in providing mobile access to healthcare application and data?  Automating processes through digital applications?  Mercury’s expertise in user experience, application architecture and mobile application development can help your healthcare firm get it done.

Online Healthcare System, Digital Assessments and Full Mobile Access