Intranets & Extranets

Private Sharing

You wouldn’t set your tax return on your coffee table would you?  No – it’s private.  Likewise, you shouldn’t place sensitive company documents on your website for the world to see!

Want to share some important documents with employees?  That’s what an intranet is for – a standalone but private site for sharing of sensitive documents and data.  Want to share files and data with partners and contractors?  That’s what an extranet is for – a secure password-protected area of your website for collaboration.

Intranets and extranets are crucial first class citizens of any serious business operation.  In addition to sharing files and information with employees and partners you can also house automated internal processes, foster social computing and provide a platform for organizational reporting.

Mercury New Media professionals develop intranet and extranet solutions using SharePoint and/or custom content management system implementation.  Here’s a great example